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LifeFlight's rescue community helicopters are essentially flying intensive care units!

Helicopters fly with specialist Doctors and Paramedics trained in the delivery of critical care and state-of-the-art aeromedical medicine - all of which comes at a cost. Our choppers are standing by, ready to respond. Now we need you.
Funds raised help provide the highest standard of care for your community. Your support will help us save lives and provide critical aeromedical care to those Queenslanders who need it most.

LifeFlight’s rapid-response fleet of medically equipped helicopters and jets provide emergency medicine and protection where others can’t. The purpose has always been the same – to save lives and support people living in, and visiting, Queensland during their time of need. This purpose is at the core of everything LifeFlight does.

Operating in often challenging environments where on-the-ground medical treatment can be 100 kilometres or more away, LifeFlight helicopters have helped more than 90,000 people over four decades, delivering rapid response critical care: from responding to motor vehicle accidents and patient retrievals from ships at sea to neo-natal and cardiac hospital transfers.

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

The need for LifeFlight is always urgent, and your support is essential. The money raised through LifeFlight Lotteries will help us provide the highest standard of care for your community. The doctors and paramedics provide lifesaving medical care in the most challenging of environments – up to 6,000ft above sea level!

Every day, our crews treat seriously ill and critically injured patients, while providing rapid-response airlifts to hospitals around the state.

Show your support and get tickets in LifeFlight Lotteries. It's your support that directly helps improve our services in the community.

Your support is at the heart of everything LifeFlight does

Like any charity, LifeFlight relies on the generosity of others, to serve our community with the highest possible standard of care. We’re endlessly grateful to our donors, supporters and advocates, for your dedication and support

Support LifeFlight by purchasing a ticket in the LifeFlight Lotteries. Your contribution means that we can continue these vital but costly activities and save more lives.

Life Flight Lottery Your Support