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Support LifeFlight Australia via LifeFlight Lotteries

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RACQ LifeFlight Rescue is Queensland’s leading community helicopter rescue service. For over 40 years, they have been supporting our community and operating rescue helicopters that save lives – anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. 

About LifeFlight 

Each year, over 6,000 people find themselves in an emergency that requires the specialist services of LifeFlight. The RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopters are more than a means of transport. They provide vital aeromedical care to members of our community to ensure they have access to the emergency care they need. 

Available 24/7, 365 days a year – anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.

Not only does LifeFlight offer quality emergency care in unimaginable situations, but it is also at no cost to the patient, no matter how remote. With Australia’s vast land size, people living outside of metro areas can find themselves in terrifying situations in dire need. Or they could be hundreds of kilometres away from vital medical care. In particular, rural and remote communities rely on these services. Sometimes, the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopters and Air Ambulance jet services are the only method to get them to hospital care in difficult times.

LifeFlight facilitates the aeromedical needs of thousands each year. In fact, they have completed over 68,000 critical rescue missions since 1979. They deliver emergency response, critical medical care, and hospital airlifts to seriously ill and injured people of all ages. 

The Statistics Speak for Themselves

Between July 1 2021 and June 30 2022, LifeFlight had one of their busiest years ever. Check out some of the incredible statistics:

  • Covering 53,000,000 km2 search and rescue region
  • 6,733 people helped in FY21
  • 2,113 community helicopter missions, 2,675 aeromedical retrievals, 494 Air Ambulance jet missions 
  • 58,627 calls in and out of the Coordination Centre, 229,000 text messages sent from the Coordination Centre
  • Operating 10 community helicopters, 6 Air Ambulance jets
  • 150 critical care doctors, 10 Aviation Operations Coordinators, 6 Coordination Centre staff
  • 194 telemedical advisory service consults
  • 90 minutes from call to having an Air Ambulance jet airborne, 15 minutes from call to having a helicopter airborne

The Cost of Community Causes

Everyone would agree that LifeFlight offers an important and valuable service. Unfortunately, it does come with operating costs. Their team of aviation and medical specialists, the range of aircrafts, medical devices, and emergency response coordination all come at a cost.

LifeFlight is a charity organisation, committed to ensuring our community has equal access to medical services, at no cost to the patient. They have always relied on community support to raise vital funds needed to meet operating costs. Without the community and fundraising, LifeFlight would not be able to continue. Help with their all-important RACQ LifeFlight Rescue service. 

By supporting LifeFlight, you’re investing in Australian communities and helping fund lifesaving outcomes for those in need.

Support LifeFlight provide vital aeromedical care

Support LifeFlight with LifeFlight Lotteries! 

The LifeFlight Australian Lottery is an easy, fun, and simple way for you to support LifeFlight! Plus, it gives you a chance to win exciting prizes! 

You could win an incredible cash or gold bullion prize to spend or use however you choose. So change your life and make your move with this boost to your finances! Plus, with each ticket you purchase, you will be helping to support LifeFlight in everything they do. 

How your support helps

In fact, every dollar raised will help keep the crew in the sky, saving lives.

  • $50 = an Emergency Breathing System (EBS) vest for EBS training
  • $100 = a water safety helmet for helicopter underwater escape training
  • $180 = a stretcher belt to secure patients during flight
  • $230 = enough fuel to power an RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter for 100km
  • $400 = a cooling vest to be worn under PPE
  • $720 = a complete set of stretcher belts
  • $900 = an Emergency Breathing System bottle
  • $2,000 = a specialized refrigerator used to store blood supplies on the aircraft!
  • $4,000 = a flight helmet for our RACQ LifeFlight Rescue crews

Tickets are limited and start at just $5! Now is your chance to win while supporting a great cause. 

Head over to https://www.lifeflightlotteries.com.au/lifeflight-lotteries/ to find out more and support LifeFlight now. 

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