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LifeFlight Lotteries winner eager to get back in the air!

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Meet the LifeFlight Lotteries winner of draw 7

The lucky winner of the lifesaving Lottery draw 7 was an ex-helicopter pilot from Yarranbella, NSW. They purchased a $50 ticket book just a couple of weeks before the draw closed. The all-important winning ticket was number 15687.  

On behalf of everyone at LifeFlight, we are so grateful for his support, as the costs of running an emergency aeromedical service are always growing. The winner agreed and explained that the cause was close to home. 

“I used to be a commercial helicopter pilot, so I could relate to the cause. I’d given it away because I couldn’t afford to stay with the industry.”

In fact, the winner went on to say that one of his old colleagues actually works as an emergency helicopter pilot. 

He professed that he prefers to play in charity lotteries as it allows him to support a great cause and have the chance to win. After speaking with him about his support, it was a delight to confirm he was the first prize winner and had indeed won $50,000! 

Like many winners, he was shocked and wondered if the call was a scam. “You’re kidding me! Oh my god. Is this a set up?” 

After confirming the details, the winner was overjoyed and said, “I’m a bit blown away at the moment. That’s amazing, thank you so much!”

Our team were thrilled to deliver the good news and when asked if he had any plans for his winnings, the winner was happy to share his thoughts.

“I’m just speechless. I might actually go back into flying. It would kind of be ironic to put some of that money towards retraining and get current again.”

All to a great cause

LifeFlight Lotteries draw 7 gave supporters the chance to win $50,000 to spend any way they wanted! The draw closed on Monday 29 August 2022, and was drawn on Wednesday 31 August 2022. 

Our lottery means so much more than winning a prize. While every ticket gives you the chance to win, it is truly an amazing fundraising opportunity for supporters to help LifeFlight.

The money raised by LifeFlight Lotteries goes directly back to LifeFlight’s incredible Community Rescue Service. As an ex-helicopter pilot, the winner was well aware of the costs, time, and work put into maintaining a helicopter. It takes an enormous amount of time and money to keep LifeFlight in the air with a well-trained emergency team and everything they need to keep our communities safe.

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